Entertainment - Gammalite Sports Bar – Closed For Trading Including TAB

Gammalite Sports Bar

Closed For Trading – Including TAB

Why not come in for a counter meal and enjoy a drink in our Gammalite Sports Bar?

With TAB facilities, Keno, pool table, bar and live shows on Saturday nights, it’s a relaxed, light filled space with access to the track and heaps of entertainment options.

Open 7 days a week for a casual lunch or dinner, with meals starting from $14.

We also have HAPPY HOUR and A HALF every Wednesday – Friday from 4.30-6 pm including $4.00 Pots, $5.00 schooners, $5.00 basic spirits and $3.50 wine – Click here for further information.

*Tradies Special – Monday to Friday – Check out the menu here.
$15 Lunch includes a Pot of beer or soft drink –
plus on Friday a bonus mystery bet valued at $3

Come in on a Friday and Saturday and join our Punters club – just $5 to participate.

Plus we have Poker every Thursday night from 6.30 pm

Or party the night away with our monthly FREE Tribute Shows @ #Live at the Bar


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